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Probus History


The national Probus movement began in the mid-1960's and spread quickly throughout the English-speaking world and beyond. It took its name from the first three letters of PROfessional and BUSiness and, because 'Probus' has a latin root relating to probity, this projected a good image for the infant organisation. The first Probus Club was formed by Rotary to allow retired and semi-retired professionals to meet together for fellowship, although there are no formal ties to Rotary International.


City of Durham Probus was formally established at a business meeting of the Rotary Club of Durham in February, 1978 with the original format of weekly meetings - with breaks only for bank holidays, Christmas and the two months of July and August. Each of our now fortnightly meetings has a guest speaker and periodic trips are made to places of interest as suggested by members. Membership applications are always welcome in accordance with the 'Membership' section of this website.

PROBUS Global 

Probus Global is an international network of Probus clubs and members which seeks to connect individual members with shared interests worldwide. This is facilitated via their weblink -

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